Oolong Teas and Blends

Oolong teas (also known as “Wu Long”, “Blue-Green”, or “Black Dragon” teas) are semi-oxidized teas with a very complex processing.  Many oolong teas are roasted to bring out the fragrance of the leaf and to develop toasted notes. There are several categories of oolong teas, grouped according to their oxidation levels. The least oxidized are the Pouchongs (also known as “Bauzhongs”) with oxidation level between 5-15%, then come Jade oolongs (20-30%), followed by Amber oolongs (30-40%), and finally Champagne oolongs (60-70%). There are also highly prized Aged oolongs which undergo years of careful storage and gentle firings to remove moisture and develop a very specific flavor. Oolong teas originated in Fujian Province, China. The finest oolongs come from China and Taiwan.  Taiwan specializes in and prefers the production of this type of tea. Oolong teas are wonderful on their own. Each cup will delight you with an incredible aroma and flavor. Oolong teas can be and SHOULD be infused several times.  Each new infusion results in a different experience.