Assam - 2 oz (56 g, approx. 19 cups)

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Use 1 tsp per 7-9 oz of freshly boiled water (take care not to overboil!). Steep 5 minutes. Milk, sugar to taste.
Food Pairing:
Breakfast perfect! Butter cookies, shortbread cookies

This remarkable tea is one of the finest ASSAM region teas. Tea masters describe this tea as silky and think in texture. "A slight bitterness carries a malty dominant harmonized with the fruity aromas of ground cherry and almond as well as a subtle note of raw sugar". Are you intrigued yet? A delightful tea to have in the morning and throughout a day!

ORIGIN NOTES: Country of Origin: India Region: Assam Grade: FTGFOP-1 Manufacture Type: Orthodox Cup Characteristics: Malty flavor with the fruity aromas of ground cherry and almond. Light astringency but don't oversteep! Luxury Ingredients: Luxury Black tea.